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Mobile application

encarpool is an app for consumer conscious users who want to make an effort in reducing their daily vehicle carbon footprint.

The app matches users who are headed in the same direction and allows user to connect to their community by carpooling together while splitting the cost of traveling.

Going greener together

Connecting people headed in the same direction to not only cut the cost of travelling, but for every successful carpooling trip it helps the environment by reducing the number of cars on the road, decrease the volume of traffic and carbon emissions.

Car Emission Statistics

User Personas

Information Architecture


Logo Exploration

Initial Concepts

Getting Started

On boarding

Scenario #1: Requesting a carpool

Jason is a busy college student living out in rural Pennsylvania. He needs to not only get to his morning classes on time, he is also living on a budget. By requesting an encarpool, the app will match people headed in the same direction to help offset the cost of transportation.

Scenario #2: Offering a carpool

Martin commutes daily into town for work. By offering the carpool option in the app he can see if there are any travelers headed in the same direction. Not only will they be able to split the cost of transportation, Martin will also be able to network and socialize with his carpool party.

Scenario #3: Schedule a carpool

Have co-workers headed to work at the same time each day? Going to a big event or getting together at a friend’s place for dinner? By scheduling a carpool in advance you’ll be able to secure your mode of transportation and split the cost of traveling.

Scenario #4: Checking your Eco Report

The app can also give you the power to track your impact on the environment and offset it the effects of car pollution by giving back to global initiatives to help reduce global warming.