Thomas Le



UI Designer




December 2018


Mobile application

Tired of keeping track of all your receipts? Having trouble remembering when your warranty coverage ends? What to do if you need to contact the manufacturer?

Zazuhom is a mobile/web platform that helps solves a homeowner’s plight when it comes to organizing, managing and retrieving all your product’s receipts on a centralized platform.

A stress free home

By having all your receipts, warranties, and additional product information all stored in one convenient

place, home owners will no longer have to stress out when something goes wrong with an appliance or gadget.

Information Architecture

Initial Concepts

On boarding

Scenario #1: Adding a new item

Emma is a busy working mother trying to keep her house as organized as possible. She has just bought a new fridge and isn’t taking any chances of losing her receipt and warranty, so she uses the ‘add item’ function to keep a record of her big purchase.

Scenario #2: Reviewing all your items

Emma is reviewing all the various items that she has recorded using the app.